Budget setting, Consultation

Using your feedback

The council's City Administration Committee today received a report on the most recent stage of budget consultations, which you can read here: ConsultationCAC This paper will help political groups make decisions about their own budget plans. Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far. Also, we mentioned in previous posts that Glasgow's spending gap… Continue reading Using your feedback


Back to the City Chambers

Bit of a change, as we welcomed people from across the city into the City Chambers on Friday to talk about their priorities. One idea, which appears to be a new one for these sessions, was for the council to do more to signpost people to services offered by other organisations, including community groups. Again,… Continue reading Back to the City Chambers


Feedback from Maryhill

We hit Maryhill for our latest budget event, last night – with organisations from across the west of the city taking part. We heard lots of new suggestions, covering everything from speeding up the planning process to stimulate the economy to making better use of vacant buildings. People felt roads and pavements were much improved,… Continue reading Feedback from Maryhill


New suggestions from Govan

We held our first face-to-face consultation event of the year last night – meeting with a range of third sector and community reps at the Pearce Institute in Govan. A number of people were interested in how early investment and building capacity and resilience in Glasgow’s communities might prevent problems – and expensive problems –… Continue reading New suggestions from Govan


Making yourself heard …

Happy New Year everyone. One of the simplest ways you can participate in Glasgow's budget conversation is by using our Dialogue tool to share your ideas - and to discuss those raised by your fellow Glaswegians. There are already a handful of suggestions online; covering everything from handing over public spaces for community groups to… Continue reading Making yourself heard …


A budget conversation for Glasgow

Glasgow’s budget for local services remains under pressure as tough economic conditions continue to impact public spending across the UK. So, when elected members meet to set our spending plans in February, the job won’t be an easy one. The council is currently forecasting a spending gap of around £33m next year. Despite a better-than-expected… Continue reading A budget conversation for Glasgow